About Us

"Chasin' Tail" is a double entendre.

Our name means two things; our logos show them both. 

We're the next generation of outdoorsmen. Here to laugh, stir up trouble, and chase a little tail. If that sounds like you, welcome to the club. Now put on a tee, find your bros, toss a few brews back and then take home that trophy you've had your eye on - deer, fish, girl, whatever. Just get chasin'!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: Lighten up the outdoor industry with funny tees.  Boom. Simple and easy (like your mom). We kid, we kid. But seriously, the only thing we're serious about is havin' fun in the woods or on the water. We're the next generation of good old boys: here for a good time and a good chase.


Our History

Chasin' Tail is a Florida-based outdoor apparel company created in 2011. Our designs are made to make our customers stand out. This isn't just another run-of-the-mill logo slapped on tees and shoved down your throat. No, this is an inside joke and not everyone "gets it."

The question is: are YOU in on it??