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Grouper Bottle Koozie

$6.99 USD

It's a koozie. You put beer in it. You get drunk and do your typical brand of badassery. End of story. 


If you need more info, Nancy, here are the specs:

  • 5 color options
  • Premium 3.5mm neoprene can cooler
  • Non-skid full bottom glued in
  • Chasin’ Tail’s grouper design printed in white ink on the front 



Scuba is a term commonly used to describe the foam rubber backing and polyester outer covering on koozies.  The thing you may think of when you hear the word scuba is a wetsuit. That is incorrect. Neoprene is the material the wetsuit is made from. Neoprene and Scuba are not the same.

The most common material beverage coolers are made from is scuba foam rubber.  Scuba is a more economical material which in turn makes the cooler cost less. We do not carry these types of coolers. We only offer our designs on the highest quality neoprene coolers available. We do this because neoprene is a more durable, more flexible, better insulating product.  The neoprene bottle coolers we offer are 3.5 mm neoprene.  They are more expensive, but they look better, feel better, last longer, and insulate better. ‰Û¬‰Û¬

The quick and easy way to determine if a cooler is neoprene or scuba foam is by the stitching.  When made a scuba foam cooler is typically sewn with a straight stitch on the inside of the product and turned inside out where the stitching doesn't show.  When the neoprene product is sewn, it is typically butt edge and sewn with a matching (or contrasting) thread color with a ZIG ZAG stitch on the outside of the product where the stitching is visible